Baltimore Film & Video Production

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Baltimore video production that captivates and engages your audience to make you stand out.

Watchers, Not Readers

Instead of telling your customers what you do, show them, with a high-impact video! We do video production in house for the Maryland area. You get a creative, collaborative approach to your project from experienced professionals. If you see the value and think it can help, connect with us to explore some options. Check out our reel with our best Baltimore video production projects here and a full video gallery below.

Why Video?

When paired with a quality website, videos can be extremely effective at landing new clients. Here are a number of tangible benefits of using videos to market your business:

  • Show, Don’t Tell: Sometimes plain text on a website just isn’t enough to get your point across and tell your story. Videos provide a way to promote yourself and your products in a way that connects with people. On top of that, they can more than double your conversion rate.
  • Engage Your Audience: People like to watch things. On YouTube alone, people consume over 1 billion hours of video content daily. As attention spans shrink in today’s media-filled culture, videos are becoming increasingly better at reaching people. Research shows that they can retain users for 88% longer.
  • Stand Out From The Crowd: In a world where it can be difficult trust people, videos give you credibility and a more accessible persona. Show potential customers that your brand is trustworthy in modern and memorable way.
  • Boost Your Site Traffic: Search engines love videos. Videos can make you up to 53x more likely to land on the first page of search results.

Client’s Perspective

“I was initially resistant to the idea of adding a video to my website. I didn’t know why I should spend the money, and wasn’t sure the website needed it. But very soon I discovered that the trend online was toward more interactivity—everything started moving. I am so grateful that Ken made me current, even ahead of my time.”

—Wynne W. Miller, MCC

We have years of experience shooting and producing promotional videos, commercials, recaps, and documentaries. Browse through some of our biggest successes over the years.