Professional Writing & Editing

Baltimore professional writing and editing pencil writing on paper

Get your message out there with professional writing & editing that is impactful and succinct.

Omit Needless Pixels

Reading is increasingly moving to the screen. So it’s more important than ever to be concise and pack a punch with professional writing & editing. That’s where a good editor comes in. Even the best writers have a good editor. If you are in business, you are communicating. You either have a good editor, or you are doing it poorly.

Moving the Cursor to the Writer

Sitting down at a blank screen to write your marketing copy is like asking the Muses for writer’s block with a megaphone. You’re not objective about your own business, and writing is hard work. Stop making this so difficult and collaborate with a creative team on a content strategy that works.

Content Strategy

We coach you through the process and co-create marketing copy that sings. We also pay attention to how content can be re-purposed as it gets spread among the different marketing pieces you present (print, web, social media, video, etc.). You may be surprised with how this can give you real clarity on your business and improve your sales and marketing.