Trying to Write but Nothing Happens

Writer’s Corner

I Should Write More (insert guilt)

Trying to Write but Nothing Happens

If you are responsible for marketing, then you need to write. Website copy, blog entries, newsletters, email campaigns, brochures, articles for publication…the list goes on. But writing is hard work. It requires focus. It demands full attention. Frankly, it’s not a great fit for a multi-tasking, interruption prone, hyper-connected, go-go world like ours.

And if you are in a small business, you wear so many hats that the number of potential interruptions is huge. Every person, every event, every email, every phone call another interruption that breaks your flow. And breaking flow kills writing (just ask John Cleese at 4:05).

And if you manage to conquer all of that, you are still left with the mental chatter that goes in when you sit down to write. You go into explore mode, brainstorming and mind-mapping, only to discover that someone accidentally invited Editor and he shows up to “just check in” and ends up criticizing everything before you even have it half-baked.

Protected Space for Writing

That’s why we started Writer’s Corner, a simple way to protect the space for writers. It’s simple and cheap.

  • Gather with a few other folks in a quiet space.
  • Sit down.
  • Write.

Then if you want some feedback, fresh perspective, or coaching, you can get that too. Bonus.

Even if you don’t write for your company, but writing is something you need more time to do, this could give you some accountability (and overcome some of that guilt).

If the idea resonates with you, and you’re in the Baltimore area, contact me and we’ll talk details.