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A New Landscaping Company Springs Up

Suppose you’ve been working in your industry for decades, and now you’re helping to manage a new company in that industry. How do you establish that company’s brand?

Chuck found himself in that very situation, as a manager of Manor Gardens.

Tilling the Soil for New Clients

Chuck and the landscaping team at Manor Gardens are all very experienced. But Manor Gardens itself is a relatively new brand. So, they needed their own website and marketing strategy to establish themselves in the Baltimore region.

Manor Gardens wanted to:

  1. Inform the Baltimore market that they offer residential landscaping services.
  2. Develop a strategy that includes both web and print marketing.
  3. Get the word out by springtime—when the peak landscaping season begins.

Planting Seeds Online and in the Mail

We came alongside Manor Gardens to help them meet these time-sensitive goals. We created:

1. A Website that Showcases Expertise

We wanted the website to show that Manor Garden’s team are experts in landscape design and installation. How did we do that? Through a combination of “show and tell.” 

To “show” their expertise, we designed the website to showcase the beauty and variety of their work. For example, we created a photo gallery of their featured projects. The gallery included some of our professional photos that demonstrate their high-quality work.

Manor Gardens Homepage
Manor Gardens Gallery Ashland

To “tell” about their expertise, we wrote and edited compelling content that highlights what makes them unique as a company. This included bios for both of Manor Garden’s managers, who each have 30–40 years of experience in landscaping.

Manor Gardens About

2. A Postcard that Announces Services

We designed a postcard that features a photo of their fantastic work on the front and a list of their main services on the back. This printed marketing material will be mailed directly to Baltimore residents. With this reference in hand, they can easily visit Manor Garden’s new website and call them.

Manor Gardens Postcard Outdoor Living

In Full Marketing Bloom

By mid-March, Manor Gardens had both a new website and a new postcard they could use to advertise their residential landscaping services.

Chuck said, “I really appreciated the fresh ideas that everyone from Accent Interactive contributed. I know they have expertise from working on a lot of companies’ websites, and I was able to collaborate with them to make ours unique. Plus, they were flexible with my timeline. I wanted to get our website up and running quickly, and then keep adding photos over time. So, it’s very easy to work with Accent Interactive.”

If you, like Chuck, want to establish your company’s brand and grow your business, we’d love to talk with you. Please connect with us to get the conversation started.