Instagram advertising

Advertising Your Business on Instagram

Clients often ask us, “If I’m willing to invest more in online marketing, where should I put my money?” Usually, we explore two main options with them: search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising.

If a client is interested in advertising, then the next question is, “On which platform(s)?” One strategy is through Google Ads. Another strategy is through social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. Each platform has its own strengths. And in this article, we’ll explore the benefits of advertising on Instagram.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads look like any other content on the app, except that they are labeled “sponsored” and have a call-to-action feature. The ads can be created as images or videos that appear in a user’s feed. Or they can be designated to appear in other places of the app, such as in Stories, Explore, or IGTV.

Why pay for an Instagram post?

If your company already has a presence on Instagram, and you’re posting regularly, that’s a great start! Ready to take it to the next step? Consider building upon your organic reach with paid reach.

  1. Increase your reach.
    In 2021, Instagram’s global advertising reach increased by 20.5% (compared with Facebook’s 6.5%). Creating ads is a strategic way to reach more of your ideal audience. You’re not passively waiting for organic results.
  2. Attract more of your target audience.
    You can define the ad’s target audience based on various factors. This includes their interests, habits on Instagram, and demographics (such as location, age, and gender).
  3. Provide a call-to-action.
    With Instagram ads, you can invite people to take the next step of engagement. For example, you could direct them to a landing page on your website. Or you could direct them to your Instagram shopping catalog.

How much does Instagram advertising cost?

You can pay per-click or per-thousand-impressions. Costs can vary based on factors such as targeting, industry competition, time of year, and ad placement. You can set a budget and timeframe that works for you, and you can update it at any time.

Is it better to advertise on Instagram instead of Facebook?

Instagram is owned by Facebook, but there is a difference in their advertising metrics. As of 2021, the rate at which Instagram audiences engaged with brands was ten times higher than Facebook’s. Also, Instagram users tend to have a higher purchasing intent than Facebook users.

What kind of company benefits the most from Instagram advertising?

Companies from various industries can be successful, especially if they:

  1. Have stunning visual assets to showcase their services and products
  2. Cater to the millennial and Gen Z audiences
  3. Are eCommerce businesses

How can Accent Interactive help?

If you’re interested in trying out Instagram advertising, no need to feel overwhelmed. We can provide support with:

  • Advertising strategy
    We’ll help you consider: What should you promote? How should you define your target audience? Which kinds of Instagram ads should you use? What should the call-to-action be? What’s the recommended budget?
  • Content creation
    Having professional, catchy images is a must for Instagram. As photographers and videographers, we can help create those ad-worthy visuals. And of course, we can help create the ads themselves.
  • Campaign management
    We can help track the performance of your ad campaigns to learn what works and improve it over time. We’ll schedule meetings with you to keep you updated and engaged with the process.

Interested? Let’s have a conversation about growing your business by advertising on Instagram.