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Redesigned Website for Home Building Company

Maryland Housing Market
(Source: Houzeo)

  • Mortgage rates have nearly doubled (from 3.12% in April 2021 to 6.79% in June 2023)
  • Houses take longer to sell (from an average of 11 days in 2022 to 25 days in 2023)

Steve and Chip are the owners of a custom home building company called Regional Homes of Maryland. Their company has successfully weathered all kinds of markets since its inception in 1986. However, the current, post-pandemic market has proven to be quite challenging for the housing industry.

Building a Firm Foundation Online

Steve and Chip knew they needed to take action to bring in more business. And a strong marketing foundation begins with a solid website.

Steve shared, “I knew that our website looked outdated. I saw that other successful Maryland-based businesses are using Accent Interactive to do their web marketing. So, I figured they could help us too.”

Sweeter Home Page and More

We were honored to work with Steve and Chip to redesign their whole website. After discussing their goals with them, we provided a design that:

  • Looks modern
    We introduced new colors, typography, and layout.
  • Shows instead of just tells
    We incorporated galleries of larger, edited photos to showcase their work.
  • Is simple and streamlined
    We re-organized the content and narrowed the options for an improved user experience.

Old Web Design of Home Building Company

New Web Design of Home Building Company

Tools of the Trade

Steve and Chip are thrilled with the redesigned website. Now the website is not only more attractive, but also more functional. In fact, Steve and Chip can use it as a marketing tool to get people in the door, as well as a sales tool to convert the prospects into customers.

Steve shared, “When we’re meeting with a prospect, now we can easily show them photos on our website. It’s a great way to interact and to visually emphasize our sales points.”

Who’s Next?

Feeling inspired by Steve and Chip’s story? Feel free to connect with us. We’ll be happy to talk about redesigning your website and other creative marketing strategies to grow your business.