An Invitation to Magic

“The narrator’s voice in the Bodhi books captured the essence of childhood magic for me,” says designer Chris. “I wanted to explore and play like Bodhi.” So when asked to design promotional bookmarks for the Bodhi eBooks, Chris’s creative path was clear: a return to childhood delight.

Into the Woods

Can a paper bookmark capture the feel of a forest rich with possibilities for fun? Yes, it can—especially when a die-cut turtle’s head peers out at you, a toad poises to pounce, and a dog’s grin invites you to play. Curved lines create a sense of movement, a path to explore. Rich greens flecked with dew bring to mind the cool depths of woods on a summer day, just as they are in Bodhi & the Friendly Forest.

Wearing Many Hats

In Bodhi the Christmas Helper, a playful Bodhi turns industrious as he tackles Christmas preparations. The moment Chris saw the photograph of a worn-out Bodhi in a Santa hat, he knew that was the image he wanted to pop from the top of this bookmark. Then, because Bodhi wears many hats in this book, Chris anchored the design with Bodhi in a very different hat.

Curved lines again create a sense of movement, but the palette leaves the summery forest behind and depicts a snowy landscape. But that landscape is warmed by the glow of bonfires and Christmas lights, just as touches of gold warm the mood of this bookmark. “I wanted to create a Night Before Christmas atmosphere,” says Chris.

In the Mood

Some may view a bookmark as a mere marketing piece. Fill it with the pertinent information and move on. Chris wanted the Bodhi bookmarks to be invitations into a magical, playful world. He wanted to take us all back to childhood. Did he succeed?

Bodhi & The Freindly Forrest BookmarkBookmark: Bodhi the Christmas Helper

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