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With Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from the Creative Team at Accent Interactive.

Gratitude by Christopher Valotta

Original commissioned painting, mixed media and acrylic, by Chris Valotta, Accent Interactive web and graphic designer and fine artist.

Merry Christmas

We have worked hard all year to deliver creative solutions that expand your influence in the world. As the holidays approach we pause to look afresh at a baby born in Bethlehem who changed everything. His was the ultimate creative act—coming as an infant to a poor young woman. Artist entering art. The life He lived continues to inspire us and breathe meaning into our work…at Christmas and throughout the year. In 2013 we endeavor to be the most creative people you know, from January to December.

The Accent Team

Merry Christmas from the Accent Team

Creative Christmas

Have a Creative Christmas and a Productive New Year, from the creative team at Accent Interactive!

Holiday tips for boosting your creativity in the new year:

  • Strengthen a relationship with someone you don’t see very often. Find what values you have in common. Ask what their unique perspective might contribute to your project.
  • Read a lot. Come to the new year with fresh ideas.
  • Give your slow cooker something to play with during your time off.
  • Go to bed early and wake up in the middle of the night to write 1 page about what’s on your mind. (If this gets exciting, try morning pages.)
  • Pick something you have been responsible for in 2011 and give the responsibility to someone else. You will need more space for creativity in 2012.
  • Imagine it’s this time next year. What do you hope to be celebrating then? What will it take to make it happen?
  • Collaborate. Find someone who can team up with you to do something that’s hard but really important to accomplish.
  • Take a walk every day. Notice things. Enjoy them. Breathe.
  • Spend time with beauty. It has it’s own intrinsic rewards.
  • Love someone more. Then even more.