Creative Christmas

Have a Creative Christmas and a Productive New Year, from the creative team at Accent Interactive!

Holiday tips for boosting your creativity in the new year:

  • Strengthen a relationship with someone you don’t see very often. Find what values you have in common. Ask what their unique perspective might contribute to your project.
  • Read a lot. Come to the new year with fresh ideas.
  • Give your slow cooker something to play with during your time off.
  • Go to bed early and wake up in the middle of the night to write 1 page about what’s on your mind. (If this gets exciting, try morning pages.)
  • Pick something you have been responsible for in 2011 and give the responsibility to someone else. You will need more space for creativity in 2012.
  • Imagine it’s this time next year. What do you hope to be celebrating then? What will it take to make it happen?
  • Collaborate. Find someone who can team up with you to do something that’s hard but really important to accomplish.
  • Take a walk every day. Notice things. Enjoy them. Breathe.
  • Spend time with beauty. It has it’s own intrinsic rewards.
  • Love someone more. Then even more.