Salon Make-over

Colours Salon and Day Spa is not simply giving make-overs—they’re receiving one. We transformed the old site from flat color to bold and beautiful, giving the site the same confidence customers have after visiting the salon.

Black is Back, Gold is Bold

The black background provides a solid foundation for the second color, gold. But why gold? “I wanted a color associated with wealth and power,” said Meghan. “This needed power and confidence. Power is bold.” A touch of swirls gave a feminine touch to match their primary customers. The boldness of gold and the elegance of swirls combined to provide confidence and beauty.

Type to the Rescue

Typography was next on the list, and the old website needed help. Cursive type can be hard to read, but we found a textured cursive font that was bold and still legible. Also, we complimented the flat black color with a combination of black and gold (brown) as the header color. And the second header is a deeper gold, which accented the black and brown really well.


It is now time to shine. The site went live today. Let us know what you think.

Colours Salon and Day Spa website Colours Salon and Day Spa website