Sleek Website for Barcode Solution Consultants

Barcode technology is all around us. You see it when you’re checking out at the store, when you’re boarding a flight, or when you’re filling a prescription. TCG is a company that specializes in this kind of automated data collection.

TCG’s original website had a defunct online store with overwhelming lists of scanners, printers, and mobile devices. They came to us wanting a new website that still featured products, but not for sale online. Our challenge was to present their new message: We’re not just retailers—we’re established consultants who advise clients, create solutions, and sell curated products.

Product Presentation

TCG had about 200 products to feature on their website. How could we present all of them in a way that was space-efficient and easy to navigate? And how much product data should we show? Too little and the products couldn’t be distinguished from each other; too much and it would be overwhelming.

Here was our solution:

  • Organize the products

    We arranged the products by product category, manufacturer, and industry.
  • Create a simple, one-phrase description
    Instead of just listing the product name (e.g., CN51), we included an informative subtitle (e.g., versatile mobile computer with large 4-inch touchscreen) and an image.
  • Depend on the data sheet to provide product details

    Why fill up the website with lots of details? Clients who want more information on a certain product can download the data sheet as a PDF.

Modern Design, Personal Touch

A company that specializes in barcode technology needs a slick, contemporary look. TCG also wanted to emphasize that they were an established team of experts with a brick-and-mortar presence.

These design features carried that message:

  • High tech look

    The products shine against a neutral page background that is finished with a glossy black. And, of course, the website is mobile friendly.
  • Photos of office and staff 

    TCG shows their high capacity warehouse and office space. We also included bios and headshots of the management team to add their personal touch and expertise.
  • Custom logo development

    We added small graphical touches to highlight TCG’s distinctives, such as 30 years of longevity and enhanced warranty protection. To show TCG’s consultative value, we included an iconic “thumbs up” on recommended products.

Migrating a Web Application

TCG used a web application for providing quotes and tracking products and sales. The application also allows client to check the warranty on the products they purchased. We helped them migrate the web application to the new site as well.

Check Us Out

Now TCG has a website that features both their products and their expertise as consultants. The next time you’re checking out at the grocery store, you very well might be using the technology provided by TCG.

If your website needs a new look, there is no need to search and scan—we’re only a click away.