A Brochure that Barks

Terri and Pete are certified professional dog trainers, business owners of Complete Control K9 Academy. They know how to leash in the dogs, but to grow a new business they also needed to leash in the dog owners! Terri and Pete didn’t have any kind of print marketing materials to promote their professional services. They wanted to expand their business and continue establishing a reputation in the field of dog training.

Head to Tail

We created a catchy brochure that promotes CCK9 from beginning to end. It starts with an irresistible dog photo on the front and prominently displays the company’s contact information on both sides of the brochure for easy accessibility. Echoing the designs from the website, the color, style, imagery, and texture further extend the company’s online branding.

Top Dogs

Terri and Pete are highly qualified trainers, and we wanted to highlight their expertise. The brochure clearly displays Terri and Pete’s credentials, reliability, and professionalism.

ID Tags

To visually capture the uniqueness of each training package, we suggested custom icons for each one. This suggestion was unexpected, but after agreeing to it, they saw how these unique illustrations gave each package an identity. They are now considering using these as badges or on graduation certificates.

Ready to Go

Now CCK9 has a brochure that really barks – it captures attention and informs prospects how CCK9 is a right fit for them. And it’s so portable that even a dog walk in the park can become a serendipitous marketing opportunity. With their new brochure, Terri and Pete have confidence to bring in both ends of the leash!

We also designed their new website.


Three months after we created this brochure, CCK9 completely filled up their schedule. The brochure was the key marketing piece that helped bring in the customers.

CCK9 Academy Brochure: OutsideCCK9 Academy Brochure: Inside