Drawing a Video

A Sharpie Sharpens the Message

Protect Your Data

MNS Group, an IT service provider, wanted to give the clarion call to businesses—protect your data! To properly protect their networks from hackers, mistakes, and acts of God, businesses today need a layered approach. These threats are more than a typical in-house IT department can handle.

MNS Group asked us to communicate this message to a non-technical audience: their potential customers.


Medieval Metaphor

We brainstormed and collaborated with MNS Group—until a creative idea came trotting along like a knight in shining armor! What if we thought of a business as a medieval castle, where the data was like treasure they were trying to protect? And how about those network security threats? Virus attacks that breached firewalls could be represented by flame-breathing dragons. Hackers would sneak around like hooded bandits. And the way those marketers target businesses? Just like archers.


Drawing Up Plans

Video was the perfect medium for a message so imaginative and visual. So we decided to try a story telling technique that was new for us—hand-sketched art. First we developed a script and a series of sketches. After more collaboration with MNS Group, we then moved on to video production with voiceover. After editing, the finished video was ready to engage business leaders about network security.


Creativity Leads to Victory

MNS Group liked the video so much, they featured it on their new homepage. Other clients were also impressed at how this drawing video enlivens the message. Making this video was a creative, effective way to help MNS Group draw in their business audience. Here’s a look at the published video:

If you are looking for a way to expand your marketing message or engage your audience in a fresh way, let us know. We’ll bring our Sharpie.