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Custom-Built Website for a Custom Builder

When it comes to building websites, or to building homes, there’s not a “one look fits all.” We recently helped a client that understands the value of customization—not only for the homes they build, but also for the marketing of those building services.

Celebrating 70 Years

The year 2020 was a milestone anniversary for Jarrettsville Builders. They had constructed an impressive portfolio of buildings throughout the decades. But during that time, their website had aged. It was time for some long-overdue renovations.

“Many years had passed since Accent Interactive designed our first website in 2004,” said William Minton, the president of Jarrettsville Builders. “We wanted to bring our website into the 21st century.”

Co-Active Creativity

Our creative team collaborated with Jarrettsville Builders to design and build a website for them that was updated and mobile responsive. They also wanted to feature some of their more recent projects.

“Accent Interactive encouraged us to become an integral part of the process, since no one knew our business better than we at Jarrettsville Builders,” said Mr. Minton.

The Website Makeover

We created a new design with features such as:

1. Home page slider: This shows off a representative variety of work at first glance.

Jarrettsville Builders old home page

Jarrettsville Builders home page 1

2. Branded design: The color scheme and custom anniversary graphic reinforce Jarrettsville Builders’ brand.

Jarrettsville Builders home page 2

3. Professional photography: The onsite photos we took capture Jarrettsville Builders’ expertise in commercial buildings, custom homes, and community service projects.

Jarrettsville Builders custom homes

Built for Success

Now Jarrettsville Builders has a modernized website that is as attractive and solid as the buildings they construct.

“The finished product is extraordinary,” said Mr. Minton. “The Accent Interactive team possesses an abundance of talent and patience. We offer our sincerest thanks for bringing this to fruition.”

Looking for ways to give your business a unique voice in the marketplace? Our team would be happy to help you create something tailor-fit.

About Jarrettsville Builders

Jarrettsville Builders, based in Harford County, Maryland, specializes in building custom homes and commercial buildings. Since 1950, this family-owned and operated business has established a legacy of quality workmanship.