Artfully Presenting the Message

As a painter, author, and speaker, Elizabeth Cockey has a message as beautiful as her artistic work: make a positive difference in other people’s lives, right where you are.

Over the years as an art therapist, Elizabeth has seen residents in long-term care facilities improve remarkably. And the lessons she’s learned through her experiences, she wants to pass on to all of us through books, painting, and public speaking.

Designing a New Website

Elizabeth’s inspiring story was getting obscured in an outdated website. And her speaking events were just statically posted, adding to the cost of maintenance. There was no good way to evaluate her content or style as a public speaker. Her books were available online, but the checkout process was cumbersome for users. It was time for an upgrade. Here’s what we did.


1. Video Trailers

Elizabeth’s compelling presentations could speak for themselves. So we promoted them with video excerpts. The audience gets to directly experience her content, voice, and style.

The Painted Word Video Excerpt

2. Event Promotion

Users may want to see Elizabeth in person. We used a WordPress event plug-in to publicize events in an automated, user-friendly way. Users can click on dates to view the full details with a colorful photo and interact with the map to locate the event. When the event is past, the plug-in will automatically delete it from the website (no maintenance required).

The Painted Word Event

3. Selling Products

We also wanted the new website to feature Elizabeth’s books. We set up the website so customers can buy her products directly via PayPal. With low setup costs, this is an ideal way for small, low budget stores to sell online.

4. Book Previews

Elizabeth is currently writing a memoir. We’re using the blog to offer serial previews as she finishes a chapter. This engages readers and builds expectation for the upcoming release.

5. Painting the Message

Elizabeth conveys her message beautifully through artwork, writing, and talks. Now her website is a gallery that prominently features her message, her products, and her art.

The Painted Word Gallery

How is Your Website?

Does this spark any improvements you’d like to make on your website? We enjoy the challenge of engaging your customers online to grow your business. Let us know how we can help you.