Planting Home Roots: Real Estate Website

There’s a new real estate brokerage in town. Professional Realtors Chris Streett and Tim Hopkins joined forces to start a company called Streett Hopkins Real Estate. But before they opened their doors for business in Bel Air, Maryland, they came to us for a custom website. These local guys wanted to emphasize their deep Maryland heritage, their wealth of experience, and their intent to be a full-service company. Our job was to create “curb appeal” online for all they have to offer.

Old Roots, New Branches

When it comes to real estate, you have to know the lay of the land. Both Tim and Chris can trace their Maryland ancestors several generations back. They wanted their clients to know that they have strong roots in Harford County and the surrounding area, and they can help others develop their own roots here too. The Streett Hopkins tree logo illustrates this idea. So we decided to plant their logo on top of a homepage slider that showcases beautiful Maryland scenes. And to ground the homepage we created an “Our Heritage” section linking directly to their history. This shows clients at first glance where Streett Hopkins calls home.

Streett Hopkins homepage

Been Around the Block

Although the company itself is new, Chris and Tim are certainly not greenhorns in their field. We wanted clients to see how professional, experienced, and well-connected these Realtors are.

Here are some ways we highlighted their expertise:

  1. List of distinctives
    We listed their qualifications in sections throughout the website called “Why Choose Us?” Leaves demarcate each bulleted list item, further developing their tree theme.
    Why Choose Us
  2. Proof of success
    A gallery of photos with addresses and sold prices shows how Chris and Tim have been successful with a variety of property transactions.
    Residential Past Sales Commercial Past Sales
  3. Testimonials
    Nothing is more genuine than the complimentary words straight from a client’s mouth.
  4. Helpful resources
    Clients can easily access blog posts on various topics of interest in the sidebar. Buyers can also search directly within the website for available properties with the multiple list service (MLS) plug-in we installed.

Take Your Pick

Streett Hopkins wants to be a one-stop shop for all your real estate needs, whether you’re in residential or commercial, a buyer or a seller, a landlord or a tenant. To organize the content for all those areas, we decided to categorize first by residential or commercial. Then we created sub-categories for buyers or sellers. On the homepage we also listed out various services that link to more details. With this information architecture, website users can easily navigate within the wide range of offerings to their particular interest.

Home Page

We also provided photography services for the website.

About Us

A New Leaf

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around for decades, discover how a fresh website can sprout business for you. Let’s leave it to the Realtors to sell your house. Leave it to us to market your company.