From the Floor Up: New Website for a Commercial Flooring Company

Have you ever walked the aisles of a Giant Food store? If so, then you have B.W. Hovermill Co. to thank for installing that floor.

Based in Maryland, B.W. Hovermill Co. specializes in commercial floor installation. Over the last 60 years, they have established decades-long clients, such as Giant. However, Hovermill didn’t have an online presence that featured their expert work and clientele. They came to us wanting a website that showcased their breadth of experience and longevity in the industry. Here’s how our creative team met the challenge.

Wide Variety of Experience

  • Floors: We featured different kinds of floors on the homepage slider, including inlays and carpet from actual projects.
    Result: The first impression images say it all—“We specialize in an array of flooring.”
  • Services: We helped Hovermill identify which services to promote, from as standard as installation to as specialized as moisture mitigation.
    Result: Clients learn that Hovermill offers multiple flooring-related services, not just installation.
  • Projects: We highlighted key projects in different industries and around the community with a gallery.
    Result: Web users can see at a glance the variety of work Hovermill has done and can click on the images to learn more about the specialty projects.
  • Manufacturers: Hovermill is a supplier for over 40 manufacturers. We organized their logos and linked to their respective websites.
    Result: Clients can conveniently see the plethora of brands all organized on one page and click for more information on each manufacturer.

Deep Roots in the Industry

  • Testimonials: We included a “What Customers Say” section on the homepage and more testimonials on the Customers page.
    Result: Hovermill is established as being credible, professional, and trustworthy by satisfied customers in their own words.
  • History: We emphasized the company’s 60-year history, their multi-generation ownership, the management team’s expertise, and Hovermill’s long-term clients.
    Result: Prospective clients realize that Hovermill is established, knowledgeable, and reputable.
  • Branding: We incorporated color and design elements from Hovermill’s logo throughout the website. We also pulled geometric angles like a carpet pattern to draw the eye down the homepage in bite-sized sections.
    Result: People want to keep reading more on the website, and Hovermill’s brand is further established, building a consistent look.

Let the World See

Hovermill does world-class flooring work—and now they have a website that shows it. Our creative team was able to maximize the potential of the available photos and resources to represent Hovermill’s skilled craftsmanship.

Do you want a website your clients will be floored by? Let’s get started. We’re ready to roll out our red carpet just for you.

Sleek Website for Barcode Solution Consultants

Barcode technology is all around us. You see it when you’re checking out at the store, when you’re boarding a flight, or when you’re filling a prescription. TCG is a company that specializes in this kind of automated data collection.

TCG’s original website had a defunct online store with overwhelming lists of scanners, printers, and mobile devices. They came to us wanting a new website that still featured products, but not for sale online. Our challenge was to present their new message: We’re not just retailers—we’re established consultants who advise clients, create solutions, and sell curated products.

Product Presentation

TCG had about 200 products to feature on their website. How could we present all of them in a way that was space-efficient and easy to navigate? And how much product data should we show? Too little and the products couldn’t be distinguished from each other; too much and it would be overwhelming.

Here was our solution:

  • Organize the products

    We arranged the products by product category, manufacturer, and industry.
  • Create a simple, one-phrase description
    Instead of just listing the product name (e.g., CN51), we included an informative subtitle (e.g., versatile mobile computer with large 4-inch touchscreen) and an image.
  • Depend on the data sheet to provide product details

    Why fill up the website with lots of details? Clients who want more information on a certain product can download the data sheet as a PDF.

Modern Design, Personal Touch

A company that specializes in barcode technology needs a slick, contemporary look. TCG also wanted to emphasize that they were an established team of experts with a brick-and-mortar presence.

These design features carried that message:

  • High tech look

    The products shine against a neutral page background that is finished with a glossy black. And, of course, the website is mobile friendly.
  • Photos of office and staff 

    TCG shows their high capacity warehouse and office space. We also included bios and headshots of the management team to add their personal touch and expertise.
  • Custom logo development

    We added small graphical touches to highlight TCG’s distinctives, such as 30 years of longevity and enhanced warranty protection. To show TCG’s consultative value, we included an iconic “thumbs up” on recommended products.

Migrating a Web Application

TCG used a web application for providing quotes and tracking products and sales. The application also allows client to check the warranty on the products they purchased. We helped them migrate the web application to the new site as well.

Check Us Out

Now TCG has a website that features both their products and their expertise as consultants. The next time you’re checking out at the grocery store, you very well might be using the technology provided by TCG.

If your website needs a new look, there is no need to search and scan—we’re only a click away.

Display Banner “Rains” People In

As a nonprofit, Kingdom Rain relies on supporters to accomplish their mission—training Christian leaders in remote areas of the world. Setting up display booths at conferences can be a great opportunity to promote their ministry. But with all the other organizations that also vie for people’s attention, how could Kingdom Rain stand out?

Kingdom Rain had already seen success in the website and print materials we had created for them, so they came to us for their display banner. Our creative challenge was to design a banner that would draw people in for a closer look, demonstrate Kingdom Rain’s mission, and develop a consistent marketing brand for them.

Kingdom Rain Banner

The Banner Beckons

The 80” tall banner piques interest from afar with captivating design elements. Once you’re up close, your eye flows down the banner like rain. We achieved this through using:

  • Geometric shapes at descending angles
  • Rain drops falling down the banner
  • Sophisticated images (alternating between color and monochrome)
  • Dramatic contrasts between light and dark

Result: The banner attracts attention from a distance, draws people to the booth, and keeps them interested from close up.

Message at a Glance

We wanted to communicate the essence of Kingdom Rain’s mission with the fewest number of words. At first glance, you can tell Kingdom Rain serves outside of North America.

  • The header reflects Middle Eastern shapes
  • The photos show cultural diversity
  • The background image is a subtle world map
  • The words are concise, from the tagline at top to the blocks of simple content along the sides

Result: The message is suited to the medium of the banner, which is meant to visually show what the organization is about. This gives Kingdom Rain opportunities to talk with people who are interested in learning more.

Consistent Branding

To create a consistent marketing brand for Kingdom Rain, we repurposed some of the photos and design elements from their website and brochures.

Result: If people see Kingdom Rain’s display banner, look at their printed materials, and visit their website, they get a consistent experience that builds trust and increases the likelihood of them engaging more.

Increased Booth Traffic

Kingdom Rain loved their banner and were excited to have it at their booth. “I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my lifetime and seen a lot of banners,” said the founder of Kingdom Rain. “This is the best banner I’ve ever seen.”

If you want to attract potential clients or supporters at a conference, then it starts with having alluring display materials. We’ll help you design whatever you need to get people interested in your work.

Modern Makeover for a Dentist Support Website

If you wanted to makeover your personal appearance, what would you do? Maybe you’d get an edgy new haircut, or buy a fashion statement outfit. Same you, new look. Sure to turn heads.

If you wanted to update your website’s appearance, what would you do? That was the question for The Dentist Well-Being Committee. They offer support for dentists and their families who are dealing with personal problems. However, their original website wasn’t catering to today’s dentists. The pages were crammed with text, and the website wasn’t mobile-friendly.


The original website’s homepage

So they came to us for a fresh style. With some simple design changes, we modernized the whole website. Here’s how we worked our makeover magic.

Breathing Space

The target audience for this website is seeking a safe place for support. So we wanted the design to be as tranquil as the ocean scene on the homepage. The new website has plenty of white space.


The new website’s homepage

Result: Incorporating breathing room in the design encourages people to linger on the site and engage with it.

Content Re-layout

We re-arranged the content for a clean, simple look. We also treated featured content with special effects to capture interest.


Result: The webpages are easier to navigate. Instead of being overwhelmed with too much content, people know where to look.

Modern Fonts

We chose a streamlined font and a larger text size. We also selected the typography based on the content. For example, the testimonials look like they’re handwritten.


Result: The text is more relatable and is easier on the eyes. People are more likely to read it—without having to squint.

Mobile Responsive

We configured the website for easy viewing on any mobile device.


Result: On-the-go people are more likely to use the website. It’s convenient to access from anywhere, not just a desktop.

A Shining Example

As indicated by their logo, The Dentist Well-Being Committee wants to be a light in the dark. Now with their updated website they can shine all the brighter to serve their dentists.

Think about your company’s website. How could it be more relatable? What could be freshened up to attract today’s audience? If you’re ready to re-imagine the possibilities, then contact us. We’ll help you find that perfect new look for your website.

Professionally Cheesy: Website for Game Show Company

Dave Ricklin certainly knows how to ham it up for his game show business. He goes by the name “Whip Cheesy.” With a background in radio and television and a passion for game shows, Whip Cheesy started his own traveling game show company called The Original Game Show Live!

Whip Cheesy needed a website that shimmered with all the glitz and glam of the show biz. Think Bob Barker. Imagine Vegas. That’s the effect we wanted.

“It’s not every day you get asked to design something that’s hokey for the sake of it!” said Chris, our multimedia artist. How could we design a cost-effective website that was intentionally over-the-top and yet still sophisticated?


We decided to start with a photo shoot of the game show host himself, with all his ham and cheese. Whip Cheesy’s Cheshire grin and animated facial expressions said it all.

To play up the energy even more, we enhanced the photos through visual effects, making them bold and colorful.

DSC_1081-2 before after 1000

We placed his iconic “Vegas” photo on front and center stage. When prospective contestants see Whip Cheesy’s dynamic personality at the top of the homepage, they know they’re in for a good time!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.51.25 PM


We wanted to put the host in the spotlight and design the website with some bling. Flashy lights did the trick. Both Whip Cheesy’s image and the web pages are framed with attention-grabbing lights, bringing the theatrical feel to life. The whole website shines with promise of fun and excitement to draw in customers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.59.55 PM


If the hammed up photos and glimmering lights weren’t promotional enough, we also wanted website users to actually feel like they were on a game show. To create that experience, we incorporated several interactive elements throughout the site:

  • Click around and you’ll hear a game show like “ding!”
  • Roll over the menu and you’ll feel like you’re spinning a 3D block
  • Hover over the Game options to see what’s revealed behind the squares

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.55.47 PM

Just by exploring the website, you’ll already feel like a winning contestant!

Game On

Now Whip Cheesy has a website that reflects the larger-than-life personality of his game show company. By giving prospective clients a thrilling website experience, it’s a sure way to win more business!

We know not all business is fun and games, but there’s no need to let marketing challenges be a drag. Our professional team of creatives is available to collaborate with you. We want to see you smile as brightly as Whip Cheesy!

Creative Marketing Journey: From Illustration to Costume Design

MNS Group, a managed IT service provider, has been a courageous adventurer in the land of creative marketing. They’ve scouted out different opportunities to convey their message in unique ways. And we’ve tried to be their “fairy godmother” to make their ideas reality.

We’ve seen how one successful creative marketing concept can lead to another one, like what recently happened for MNS. We turned an action figure illustration for a blog post into a baseball mascot’s costume for a promotional video.


Starts with an Illustration

A few months ago, MNS asked us to illustrate an armored man in action for them, to be used for a blog post on network security. We created a character, dubbed Security Man, and his attacker. The pieces of armor on Security Man represent various layers of network security MNS suggests for their clients. This metaphor for protecting a computer network became a launch pad for another creative marketing presentation.

Opportunity Comes Knocking

As a sponsor for Ripken Baseball, MNS Group had a great marketing opportunity—they could get a short video to be shown on the big screen at Ripken Stadium. How could they use what they already had and adapt it for a video at a baseball stadium?

Collaborating as creatives with MNS, we brainstormed ideas. We decided to use the IronBirds’ lovable mascot, Ferrous, to act as Security Man in a video shoot the following week. This meant we had a few days to create a suit of armor for Ferrous to wear and wield.


Creating a Mascot’s Costume

How could we turn an illustrated suit of armor for a human into an actual costume for an oversized bird? For one, we needed to make sure it would fit the mascot’s exaggerated features. We also needed to make sure it was functional. Ferrous would be running around the bases wearing the armor, so it needed to be lightweight and secure. And of course, we also wanted it to look professionally produced. Our design process and material selection took all this into account. Here’s a video to show how we did it.



This breastplate for Ferrous is lightweight, flexible, and stays on even when he runs.



We created the helmet to fit snugly around Ferrous’ head, even allowing his crest feather to stick through.



A sturdy shield helps Ferrous ward off attackers.



A sword completes the Security Man costume.

When we delivered the mascot’s costume to MNS Group, they loved it. Their response—“Awesome!”

Taking Creative Risks

It can be risky coming up with new ideas to promote your business. We were asking questions like, “Can the illustration function as a mascot’s costume?” and “Can the video deliver this message?” Kudos to MNS Group for standing out in a crowd and putting their trust in our team and the Ripken Baseball performers and producers.

MNS has already seen the rewards of investing into special marketing messages. Their Security Man illustration was repurposed to resonate with baseball fans. MNS has developed a consistent branded message both online and on the sports field.

Get Noticed

Our creative process helped MNS maximize the potential for their marketing video opportunity by using the illustrated concept they already had. Are you ready to try something new and fun? With professional creatives by your side, you can be courageous and pioneering to make your message memorable.

We’re ready to take on any challenge to help your business succeed. Whether it means illustrating or designing mascot costumes or creating something else yet to be dreamed of, our team will collaborate with you to make it happen. Contact us, and let’s embark on a creative marketing adventure together.

Where Comics Means Business

MNS Group, an IT service provider, wanted to help computer users create stronger, more memorable passwords. And they wanted to communicate in a fresh, creative way. Inspired by a comic they saw, they decided to create their own version. We helped them develop this bold graphic with a new style.


Creating the Comic Look

One challenge was to create a 3D appearance in a 2D plane. Our multimedia artist Chris explained how he achieved this effect. “I used different weights of stroke. The greater the variance in stroke weights, the greater the perceived depth.”

Another challenge was matching the character’s facial expression with his thoughts. “I wanted you to see what the guy was thinking even without the thought bubble,” said Chris. He drew and tweaked the character’s face to capture just the right emotion.

Super Effects

People are hopefully more likely to change their password after reading the comic, as compared to just reading an article. The comic is a powerful medium because of these advantages:

  • Clearly depicts contrast
    At a glimpse you can compare common practice with better practice.
  • Memorable
    The strong message sticks with you.
  • Information dense
    The graphic concisely shows a lot of information in a small amount of space.
  • It is the message
    It’s a visual to help people visualize their passwords.
  • Entertaining
    It’s appealing because it’s fun and interesting.
  • Shareable
    It stands alone as a shareable resource for social media.

Illustrate the Message

Think about your own business. What important marketing messages could you communicate in a special way? Creating something iconic that is shareable, educational, and entertaining will help your message really stand out.

If you are trying to make a bigger impact with your marketing, let’s connect. We can show you how creativity means business.

Cleared for Take-Off

Kingdom Rain is a nonprofit focused on training Christian leaders in remote areas of the world. They came to us ready to expand, planning to double their budget in the next two years. But we faced two creative challenges:

  1. Lots of information that needed to be organized and synthesized
  2. Security concerns that limited our use of specific names and places

A Conversation-Inspired Structure

How could we effectively arrange the content to tell Kingdom Rain’s message? It was the founder’s conversation style that inspired us. We wanted people to feel like he was talking with them through the website. After listening to his conversations with supporters, we noticed that his flow really worked: their strategy, people they serve, and the impact they are making in Asia.

Homepage screenshot

Full Story, Fewest Words

Often less is more. We took all of Kingdom Rain’s content and condensed the essence into powerful, summary statements. And we limited the content to just a few pages, titled by a single word. The result? It’s so concise that people might actually read it.


It’s usually more powerful to show than tell. But in this case, security issues prevented us from showing many things. How could we effectively use generic images to do the trick? By carefully selecting the right stock photos of ethnic people, world maps, and rugged landscapes, we helped users experience the ministry without revealing specific places and names.

Vision screenshot

A Greater Return

Kingdom Rain now has a website that speaks for them. They also got some bonus benefits:

  • More bang for the buck
    The graphics we designed for the website were repurposed, such as for Kingdom Rain’s newsletter. When it’s time to develop other marketing materials, much of the work is already done.
  • Focused vision
    The process of developing content for the website clarified the message they take to presentations and support-raising meetings. The result is more effective communication and more donations.
  • Integrated client management system
    We integrated online donations, supporter contact information, and email/newsletter communications into the website. Kingdom Rain can efficiently manage their network in a single location, saving hours of administrative work.

Your Turn

Reflecting on their new website, Kingdom Rain said, “Accent Interactive organized our ideas into a work of art, and it was well worth every dollar invested.”

If you’re ready to benefit like they did, then contact us. Do you have a complex message that needs to be simplified? Does your marketing communication strategy need development and direction? Bring your challenges to us, and we’ll discover creative solutions that work for you.